Hindu Research Foundation

Aims & Objectives

Hindu Research Foundation aims:
  1. To create a platform & fund to promote charitable, educational, moral, socio-economic development of all human-beings and followers of Hindu faith across the globe,
  2. To establish schools, orphanages, temples, libraries, research and educational institutions, hospitals, dispensaries and convalescence home, old age homes, orphanages and the like,
  3. To put in joint efforts with other organizations for humanitarian and religious advancement,
  4. To start scholarships, prizes and educational support to deserving students,
  5. To assist in religious rites like marriages & funerals of the poor and needy,
  6. To propagate Hindu Faith by holding Public lectures, seminars, symposiums, research activities, shastrarth etc.,
  7. To promote the education, study and research in different aspects of Hinduism, viz, i. spiritual, ii. historical, iii. cultural, iv. philosophical, v. scientific, vi. economic , vii. moral and vii. social,
  8. To renovate dilapidated and neglected temples,
  9. To form Council of Temples and establish chain of temples across highways,
  10. To promote Yoga & hold Yoga shibirs/camps,
  11. To promote & start Gurukuls for all youths,
  12. To establish a Chair for Hindu studies which aims at facilitating in depth studies for Hindu philosophies in a more scientific, organized and authentic manner,
  13. To institute Awards on the analogy of Nobel Awards in the name ancient Seers & Rishis those who had contributed in the various filed of science, literature and spirituality,
  14. To promote collective player for Hindus across the globe,
  15. To coordinate with other organizations working for similar cuase
  16. To publish Hindu Gazetteer.